How to create ads on Tulitab Admodes?

To create an Ad, click on “Create New Ad” button in the ad listing page. 

On clicking an Ad creation wizard opens. In the first step of the wizard insert the “Ad Title” followed by selecting the campaign under which you need to create the “Ad”. Select the TV platform to target the ads on Tulitab TVs. If any Tulitab the franchise has approached you for this ad, kindly insert his franchise mobile number in the first step of the wizard.

In the second step of the wizard, insert the start and end date of the ad. Start date and End Date will ensure that your ad will run in between this specific selection. After this, select the Start Time and End Time of your ad. This will ensure that your ad will run between this selection every day.

In the third step of the wizard, select the store categories where you need to target the ad. For multi selection, press ctrl key and select the categories. Select the TV Sizes you need to target for your Ad. Select the targeted location by selecting country, state and city.

In the forth step of the wizard, select the type of Ad (Video, L-Band or Interstitial Ad). After selecting the ad type, upload the content by selecting from computer or dragging from any of your drive. The video ad time will be automatically detected. The L-Band and Banner Ad Time will be of 10 seconds by default. This ad time will be used to bill you as per our billing policy.

After uploading the content, you will be redirected to the final tv selection and cost calculation page. Here you can select all the TVs according to your target or you can also customize your selection by selecting or deselecting the TVs as per your need. You can select the TV by store name, Location or Screen Size, you can also select any specific TV by just searching the TV by the device ID or the Store Name in the search box.

In the cost calculation section you can insert the daily play out limit for each selected TV size.

After inserting the play out count, the ad cost calculation will be displayed at the bottom of the page including the tax. You can pay the final amount using the available option of payments (Admodes Wallet, Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking, UPI or Ad Coupon Value).

After the successful payment, your ad will be sent for review and will be listed in your Ad listing page.

Once the ad gets approved your ad status will turn green. After this your ad will start playing as per your start time and date.

If in any condition your ad gets disapproved your full refund will be initiated and will be refunded back in the same medium as per our refund policy